Remote Learning

During these uncertain times, Calvert School is committed to maintaining the same well-rounded curriculum and sense of community our students receive on campus.

Whether they’re learning from a Calvert classroom or the kitchen table at home, our boys and girls are supported by friends, teachers, and administrators who care about their social and academic well-being – and we’ve worked tirelessly to develop a remote-learning program that keeps them engaged.
A Snapshot of Calvert's Weekly Remote Learning Schedule
Calvert's Remote Learning Program
Synchronous and Asynchronous Learning

At Calvert, our remote-learning program focuses on two kinds of communication: synchronous and asynchronous.
With asynchronous learning, our teachers distribute online questions, assign worksheets, and pre-record video lessons that the children can view and complete at any time. Synchronous (or “live”) moments then build off of those independent activities, giving students the chance to communicate with their teachers and peers over video calls.
While synchronous moments are not required, students are strongly encouraged to attend office hours, advisory meetings, and homeroom if possible. These virtual moments not only allow students to ask questions, but they also provide the vital social interaction and connection our boys and girls are used to having with their teachers.

Innovative Teaching
And every day, Calvert teachers and administrators find innovative new ways of keeping students engaged.
Many of our Lower School teachers use props, puppets, and hands-on learning (like scavenger hunts and at-home crafts) to help students connect with math and reading. Middle school teachers take advantage of multiple online programs to distribute and collect assignments. On Community Wednesdays, students can even participate in their favorite afterschool clubs and athletic teams.
At Calvert, we recognize that these and other activities are vital to an enriching education, and we’re committed to maintaining a strong, supportive Calvert community – inside the classroom and out.

Testimonials from Current Calvert Parents
“I really appreciate all the work you put into those lessons and want to let you know that my daughter appreciates it, too. Your work has shown that moving forward with the curriculum in a fun and productive way is certainly possible; it doesn’t need to be just review or links to videos and worksheets.
We could not be happier with the care and expertise that has been displayed by you and your team during this most challenging time. The evidence is reflected in the smiles on our daughter's face after distance interactions that have managed to remain relevant, personal, and with just the right amount of conceptual rigor. This has affected our entire family in a positive way!”

"I have been nothing short of impressed with the teachers and administration – pulling together classes so quickly, adding activities, weekly one-on-one check-ins, individual teaching sessions when needed etc. The sessions are literally the highlight of his school day. It has been heartwarming to see exactly how much everyone he interacts with at Calvert cares about him, his learning, and his well being."
“We wanted to thank all the Calvert teachers for the hard work you have put into teaching our kids remotely during the pandemic. We are so grateful for your creativity, energy, and compassion during this trying time for all humans (especially the young ones!).”
“Thank you for the support you and the whole Calvert family are providing to the students during this challenging time. It has brought some semblance of order to have school work to look forward to each morning.
“My son really enjoyed the Virtual Homeroom session with Mr. Wareheim and his classmates. I think the live interaction, as well as the other boys in a ‘group’ setting, was very beneficial for lending a reference point back to the classroom.
“We love Calvert, we are dedicated to Calvert and the teachers are wonderful and doing a great job. We love them and we can’t say enough good things about them. Mrs. McClernan is a saint and a total powerhouse of a teacher and we love her. We will remain steadfast champions of the school come whatever.
The teachers have been phenomenal in preparing lessons for students to continue their learning away from campus. For that, we are very appreciative.”
“Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness as it relates to scheduling. What a wonderful addition to make Wednesday for clubs and community events. We are also impressed with each of our son's teachers in the Middle School. They are all engaged, creative, organized and dedicated to making the students learn at the right pace.”
Calvert School is a coed independent lower and middle school.