Teacher Fellowship

The ILP Teacher Fellowship offers collaborative teaching teams the opportunity and structure to drive innovation both inside their classrooms and within the greater school community.

Teaching teams spend one year learning key strategies of project-based learning, and are guided through the planning and implementation stages of their curricular improvements to existing school projects and initiatives. Projects are celebrated throughout school community, and become permanent fixtures to the Calvert School academic program.
How might we continue to evolve and innovate in order to provide an education that prepares our students for the future as purposeful leaders and global citizens?

Teacher Fellowship Application Process

Each year, the Institute for Leadership & Purpose welcomes proposals from faculty for integrated projects that expand their passions and ideas into and beyond their classrooms and subject areas. In 2020-2021 the Fellowship program will be piloted by three projects the administration has chosen to fund and support. In future years we plan to expand to four or five projects annually. 

Fellowship Objectives

Institute fellows have one summer and the following school year to grow their projects from idea to implementation. The Institute supports the implementation of successful projects into the Calvert School program. The Institute serves as an innovation lab for faculty and is grounded in the philosophy that encouraging creativity, innovation, and leadership amongst teachers is central to providing a purposeful education for students that prioritizes transformative head, hand, and heart learning. Best practices in project-based learning are the foundational piece of this program.

2020-2021 Teacher Fellowship Teams

Our first cohort will be announced at a later date.

World Leadership School
The World Leadership School partners with K-12 schools in order to reimagine learning and create next-generation leaders. Their expertise in education consulting is helping schools make a pedagogical shift to global learning, which is defined broadly as learning that is connected to the world, experience-based, and student-centered. The best global learning programs not only help students develop key 21st century skills, but also foster innovative young leaders who know how to create change and have a deep sense of purpose. They believe that teachers must own and drive the change for it to be successful, but school leaders have to provide the framing vision and strategies.


Purpose & PBL Guides

    • Melissa Libertini

      Dean of Early Elementary Education

    • Sandry Sachar

      Director of Global Outreach, Students Activity Coordinator

    • Kelley Schultheis

      Middle School Science Teacher

    • Megan DeLorbe

      Sixth Age Homeroom Teacher

Calvert School is a coed independent lower and middle school.