Morning of Sustainability

On Friday March 6, the entire school came together to celebrate the environment. Each year, the school celebrates Earth Week in April and our Morning of Sustainability in March serves as our opening touch point. 
Across the schools, all six hundred students collaborated, laughed, and took a step forward in helping the planet. Earth Week will be celebrated from April 20-24, and in 2020 our highlighted ecosystem will be the Arctic environment.

In Fifth Age, the Tenth Age visited and read The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle and created beautiful recycled art work designed by students from cardboard cereal boxes. This display can be found coming together in the fifth age hallway for all to see.

In Sixth Age, the Fifth Grade visited and the two grades explored the various animals that live in the harsh cold environment of the Artic. Students read Arctic Animals by Jill McDonald, and discovered narwhals, caribou, arctic hares, snowy owls and more. Their art work will be displayed in the Fifth Age hallway as well.

In Seventh Age, their buddies from Eighth Grade visited to focus on polar bears and their changing environment. The students read Save the Arctic by Bethany Stahl and created very cool polar bear art from recycled newspaper. This was a very cool (haha) craft that you can make at home as well. Check it out. The polar bears will be part of our arctic ecosystem displays in each division come April.

The Eighth Age walked to the Middle School to work with Seventh Graders on an energy conservation awareness project. The students created fun, educational light switch covers reminding people to “turn off!” the lights when leaving the room. Students chose to create Calvert bee themed covers, as well as eco-themed covers. These will be displayed throughout school, and some students brought one home for their own house!

Lastly, our Ninth Agers and Sixth Graders continued to build their partnership by playing team building games. Through their leadership class, the Sixth Graders led these activities and participated alongside their younger friends. 

A good time was had by all on this community morning, teachers and students joining together to celebrate the environment, promote a one school community, and have a happy Friday. Thanks to all those who helped plan this day!
Calvert School is a coed independent lower and middle school.