Calvert’s Middle School Presents “Into the Woods Jr.”

 By: "Into the Woods Jr." student marketing crew: Lee M. Lecardi ’23 and Josephine H. Anna '23
Calvert School will debut Into the Woods Jr. in person at the Lower School auditorium later this month, February 25 and 26, as our annual winter musical for 2022. Created by Stephen Sondheim, Into the Woods rolls the storylines of some of the oldest and most beloved Brothers Grimm fables and the characters you know and love into one well-crafted performance.
The production is directed by drama teacher Alexis Tantau, who professed, “It’s so exciting to be back on stage and to have everyone's enthusiasm [in person].”
Behind the scenes, you will find Spanish teacher Sandra Sachar, who quite memorably said, “Being backstage allows me to do art, and it allows me to be a kid again. I love interacting with students to make this musical come alive. I especially love the stairs I get to climb!”
In addition, Middle School art teacher Katherine Leonard, who runs the set design program, proclaims, “I’m super happy that we can have [the musical] live this year… The students have an opportunity to collaborate on visual art that they typically don’t get in class.”
Another important aspect in the production of this show is the School’s new lighting system, which is managed by math teacher Owen Rossi.
Mr. Rossi reflected on his interest in light and photography when stating, “I’ve always been fascinated by light… When I was given the opportunity to light the way in this production, I jumped at it without a second thought.”
This show features a cursed baker and his wife, a boy and his cow, a maiden with one shoe, a girl and her cape, a lady in need of a haircut, and many more iconic characters from time-honored tales you’re sure to recognize. We also compiled some quotes from classmates who are participating in this production about their experiences.
To kick it off, Caroline M. ’23, who portrays Milky White, a cow that now longer gives milk, would like to declare, “Meh, it’s okay. My knees hurt.”
Sarah N. '23, who plays Cinderella’s stepmother, gave this advice to future generations of Calvert performers, “Give it your all, stay in character, and most importantly, have fun.”
Jameson E. ’23, who portrays Cinderella’s prince, says, “I’m really enjoying my time in this musical, and I’m looking forward to doing it again.”
Claire S. '23, who plays Cinderella, said, “The challenge of time management is ever present, and with such small time and such a large cast, there have been moments of stress, however, Ms. Tantau, Ms. Palmatary, and all the other directors have been helping us to handle it very well.”
“[Despite this minor issue,] my time in the musical has been superb. I always enjoy showing up with energy ready to learn something new about my character and the characters around me engaging with each other,” Claire continued. “It’s a truly magical experience, the musical.”
Indulge in this magic and follow us on our journey through the foreboding forest to see what really happens when you go Into the Woods (Jr.)!