James B. Stradtner, Chairman
Mark A. Dewire, Vice Chairman
Edwin J. Insley, Treasurer
H. Ward Classen ’71, Secretary
Patrick K. Cameron
Curtis H. Campbell ’83
Felix J. Dawson
Sarah Wesley N. Finnerty ’83
Mark L. Fulchino
James R. Garrett ’55 (Jim)
Alex F. Gibson ’90
Gayle S. Kelly
Heidi S. Kenny-Berman
David S. Knipp
Konstantine B. Mallas (Dino)
Redonda G. Miller, M.D.
Courtney L. Otenasek
Joshua R. Perry ’96
Lee H. Riley, III, M.D.
Amy T. Seto
Matthew W.  Wyskiel, III ’81

Trustees Ex-Officio
Andrew B. Holmgren

Trustee Emeriti
Carville B. Collins ’73 
Timothy L. Krongard ’76
John A. Luetkemeyer, Jr. ’53
Robert J. Mathias
Decatur H. Miller ’44
E. Robert Kent, Jr.
Francis G. Riggs ’51

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  • Diversity & Inclusion

    The Board of Trustees strongly supports the administration and faculty in their efforts to create a respectful school community inclusive of race, ethnicity, religion, culture, socioeconomic status, physical ability, gender and sexual orientation. When recruiting new students, faculty, staff, and Board members, we shall be intentional in searching for diverse individuals who contribute to producing a welcoming and effective learning environment.