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Student Leadership

The goal of our leadership program is to help each student recognize their strengths and improve upon their weaknesses. In each instance, our students will grow and develop by taking action as leaders here at Calvert. The underlying premise is that each student has the potential to be a leader, and leadership can be taught just like any other discipline.
Unlike many K-12 schools where the leadership opportunities are reserved for high school students, Calvert middle schoolers are tasked with taking on these important roles. The emphasis on community leadership perfectly aligns with the developmental needs of our students as they grow into young adults. This reflects the true secret of a K-8 school, where our greatest strength is empowering the students when they need it most.

Jay Parker, Director of Student Life

“Our program encourages students to experience leadership in a positive way and empowers them to make a difference both inside and outside our School.”
Calvert School is an independent lower and middle school with a curriculum that is designed to challenge capable boys and girls.