List of 8 frequently asked questions.

  • Who may apply for financial assistance?

    Any student who is applying for admission to Calvert School for the upcoming academic year or any current student re-enrolling to Calvert School for the following academic year who are in good financial standing with Calvert School.
  • Where and when do I obtain an application for financial assistance?

    Families may apply online at beginning November 1.
  • Is there a fee to apply?

    Yes, TADS charges a fee for their services. The fee for the 2017-18 school year is $34.
    Information regarding fees and instructions for filling out the appropriate forms can be found on the TADS website.
  • When should I apply?

    Applications for the 2017-18 school year can be submitted online beginning November 1.
    Applications for returning Calvert Students and new applicants are due by February 3.
  • May I submit an application after the deadline has already passed?

    Yes, but funds are limited and may not be available. The Calvert School Financial Aid Committee will review each application as it is received and dispense funds as long as they are available.
  • How much financial aid may I expect to receive?

    If you qualify for the full amount of financial aid available, you may receive a
    maximum of 95% of the annual tuition.
  • If my family income is $XX,XXX per year, do I qualify? Should I bother filling out an application?

    Each family situation is unique, and many factors are considered when assessing financial need. Therefore, we are unable to make any determinations for eligibility until all documents have been reviewed.
  • Is this a loan - does the money I receive have to be repaid?

    Financial aid received from Calvert School is not a loan; it does not have to be repaid. Low interest educational loans are sometimes available to qualified families through private institutions.

    Private School Scholarship Providers
    The Abell Foundation
    phone: (410) 547-1300
    fax: (410) 539-6579

    Baltimore Educational Scholarship Trust
    phone: (410) 752-2225
    fax: (410) 752-2249

    Children’s Scholarship Fund
    phone: (212) 515-7137
    fax: (212) 515-7111

    Children’s Scholarship Fund Baltimore
    phone: (410) 243-2510
    fax: (410) 243-8629

    Student Loan Information
    The following companies offer K-12 tuition loan services:

    The prepGATE K-12
    phone: (866) 362-4283

    The Sallie Mae K-12 Family Education Loan
    phone: (877) 279-7172

    Your Tuition Solution
    phone: (800) 920-9777