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Baltimore Community

Our Connection to the Baltimore Community

Calvert School maintains close ties to the Baltimore community through local partnerships, events, and parent and alumni relationships. Located just north of the Johns Hopkins Homewood campus, our private school in Baltimore, Maryland, is proud to include parents who are active in both institutions, often assisting with community happenings, contributing to events, and sitting on our Board of Trustees while working nearby.
Discover how our connections to Johns Hopkins and other local institutions are making a difference in Baltimore and worldwide.

Our History 

Calvert School's history dates back to 1896 when German schoolteacher Fraulein Martha Auguste Schurmann was hired by four Baltimore families to teach their children. Inspired by how well her traditional kindergarten teaching went, these families went on to open the Boys' and Girls' Primary School. From there, the school quickly grew to become the Calvert Primary School. It moved twice before it found its current location in Roland Park, near Johns Hopkins, where it now serves a thriving study body of over 600 children.

Calvert's Connection and Outreach Efforts to the Community 

Our private school is committed to staying connected to the community and performing outreach efforts throughout Baltimore. It is our goal to develop students who understand the world around them and are motivated to be involved.
Along with providing a fundamental and robust education, we strive to enhance each student's academic experience with a range of extracurricular activities, athletics, fine arts, and outreach efforts.
Specifically, many of our efforts involve Johns Hopkins and other nearby institutions. Here are some activities and programs we have had the opportunity to be involved in:

Alumni Book Club

During one of our Alumni Book Clubs, we hosted Eric Puchner '82, author of “Model Home” and various short stories and essays. Puchner, who teaches at Johns Hopkins University, took the time to share with students his journey as an author and what his writing process is like.

Earth Day Celebration 

Each year, Calvert School devotes one week to celebrating the Earth and its resources, highlighting key sustainability topics like food waste. Dave Alexander, a representative from the Meatless Mondays campaign at Johns Hopkins University, shared relevant tips so students would be better prepared to make conscious decisions with their lunch food.

Annual Walk for Water

Calvert School hosts the Walk for Water, which helps fund clean water projects in Africa. This event is held at the track at Johns Hopkins' Homewood Field. To raise funds, students either walk or run as many laps as they can around the track.
As a result of their efforts, Calvert Fifth Graders were able to raise $14,995 for The Water Project. With this amount, the program has helped make everything from wells to rainwater catchments. This has played a significant role in helping the communities gain access to clean drinking water as well as break the cycle of poverty in the community. 

How We Are Growing Our Connection With Baltimore

Since Calvert's founding in 1897, our K-8 co-ed private school has been building on its reputation for academic excellence and developing lifelong learners connected to their community. If you are looking for a centrally located private elementary or middle school near Johns Hopkins, Roland Park, historic Charles Street, and more, reach out to learn more.
Calvert School is a coed independent lower and middle school.