Bridging Baltimore

Bridging Baltimore is a signature, collaborative, student leadership program developed in partnership with the SAFE Alternative Foundation for Education in Southwest Baltimore.

Students in the Bridging Baltimore program meet biweekly, splitting these sessions between the SAFE Center in Southwest Baltimore and Calvert School. The programs consist of 40 Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth graders with half coming from each institution. The goal of the program is to connect student leaders from across our city to understand, reflect, and act on issues of social justice.

Safe Alternative and Van Brooks

Safe Alternative Foundation for Education Inc. informs students about the importance of obtaining an education as well as having an alternate career plan in anticipation for life's deviations. We believe that the key to success is through an education. The SAFE Center helps students achieve academic success by integrating core academic subjects with real world application and providing students with innovative hands-on after school, weekend, and summer learning opportunities. 

SAFE was founded by Mr. Van Brooks. Van was a three-sport athlete who developed his passion for football at the age of seven. Despite this, it wasn't until high school that he realized his potential and the success he could have. This was also when he realized how football could change his life forever. This change, however, came in a way he least expected. On September 25, 2004, at the age of 16, while attempting to make a tackle, he broke his neck. As a result of this injury, Van was initially paralyzed from the neck down, unable to talk, eat, or feel.

In spite of such a tragedy, Van did not let this stop him. He went on to graduate from Loyola Blakefield and later from Towson University with a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications; all the while still working hard at therapy, making a miraculous recovery. Van finally saw his hard work and dedication pay off after eight years. On September 27, 2012 he can proudly say he walked again. When asked Van says, "None of this would have been possible without the grace of God, hard work, and an amazing supporting cast." Throughout the hard times Van has faced, he still somehow is able to muster a smile and see the good in it all. He says he wouldn't change any of it.

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Calvert School is a coed independent lower and middle school.