Middle School Advisory

Each student is a member of a Fifth Grade homeroom or a Sixth through Eighth Grade advisory group. A homeroom contains about 18 students, and each advisory contains 9 to 12 students. The advisor/homeroom teacher monitors each student’s academic and social progress during three, twenty-five minute sessions per week.

The advisor/homeroom teacher:

  • Is the liaison between the family and the school
  • Provides each child with a personal and accessible relationship at Calvert School
  • Is the initial point of contact for parents and guardians with regard to life at Calvert
  • Devotes weekly time to encourage the completion of assignments and portfolio preparation
  • Monitors academic achievement and helps students set reasonable, yet challenging goals
  • Provides a “safe place” for each student to grow socially. This includes casually “checking in” with students as well as initiating activities that foster stronger bonds within the group, develop strong moral character, and implement community outreach
  • Functions as the initial contact for parent/teacher conferences
  • Communicates with families, teachers, and tutors to give the most effective support to each student
Calvert School is a coed independent lower and middle school.