After School Care

After School Care Program

Calvert School offers Lower School After School Care (ASC) to currently enrolled students. Qualified personnel supervise students' enrichment activities, including non-academic projects, study hall, and supervised play. Snacks are provided.

Our Lower School ASC Program is licensed by the Maryland State Department of Education and provides activities directed toward the developmental needs and interests of Calvert School students in Fifth Age through Tenth Age. Our goal is to serve Calvert School families by providing a fun, safe, and enjoyable environment for our students until they can be picked up from school. All rules outlined by Calvert School will be enforced during After School Care. We expect each student to uphold Calvert’s code of conduct after regular school hours.

The ASC program is open on all school days, including most early dismissal days. Prior to an early dismissal day, families will be asked to sign up so that we can account for those who will be attending. Lunch is not provided on early dismissal days, and families will need to send lunch for their child. If your child is not registered for ASC, they are not permitted to attend the program on early dismissal days. Should school close early due to weather conditions, ASC will be closed as well, and we ask that you come pick up your child as soon as possible.
Lower School ASC operates from school dismissal time until 4:45 P.M., 5:30 P.M., or 6:00 P.M. Children should be picked up promptly and must be picked up in person by a known caregiver. Families incur a late pick-up charge of $20.00 per child in 15-minute increments.
Calvert’s Middle School ASC program is offered to families in need of care, from 4:30 P.M. until 6:00 P.M. The fee for MS ASC is $800 for the school year. Please note that families will incur a late pick-up charge of $20.00 per child in 15-minute increments. ASC fees are billed with your tuition bill and payable when tuition is due.
Find the 2024-2025 ASC plan that's right for your family:
Full Plan
1 Day
2 Days
3 Days
Option A
Dismissal - 4:45 P.M.
Option B
Dismissal - 5:30 P.M.
Option C
Dismissal - 6:00 P.M.
COVID-19 Update
Calvert’s ASC program adheres to School-wide COVID-19 protocols and will make modifications to the program as needed. A snack and beverage will be provided for all students. As a courtesy, afternoon pickup will be “curbside,” like morning drop-off. We encourage you to remain with your vehicle, and we will deliver your child to you. Your carpool sign, displayed, will be helpful.
Drop In & Play Date Policy:
Unfortunately, we cannot offer “drop-in” accommodations at this time. All participants must be enrolled.

Other Important Information:
Please check your schedule and the ASC plan you’ve selected for your child(ren). Each child should be registered for the correct number of days he or she will be attending, and if your child misses a day, we cannot substitute or swap days. If you must switch a contract day (for those scheduled for fewer than five days), you must notify Timika Baxter Tyson via email at at least 24 hours in advance so that we can ensure appropriate staffing.


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  • Timika Tyson 

    Director of Co-Curricular Programs and Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
    410-243-6054 x264
There will be no drop-ins this year.

Lower School ASC pick-up will be outside of the Admissions Lobby.

Middle School HWC/ASC pick up will be at the lower circle of the Middle School.

Parents are encouraged to remain in vehicle for pick up.
Calvert School is a coed independent lower and middle school.