Financial Aid and Private School Scholarships

For more than 100 years, Calvert School has provided children in Baltimore with the fundamental skills and strong foundation they need to become successful leaders and lifelong learners. The financial aid program is designed to help families who could not otherwise afford the cost of a Calvert education by helping to fill the gap between tuition fees and the family’s ability to pay those costs.

Calvert's Financial Aid Program

Calvert School is committed to maintaining a diverse student body that is representative of the cultural, ethnic, and socioeconomic diversity of the surrounding communities. We recognize that all of our students benefit when that instruction takes place in classrooms that include a rich and diverse range of identities and perspectives, and we are committed to providing need-based tuition assistance for the Baltimore community. To assist in collecting basic financial information and identifying families with financial need, Calvert utilizes the services of the National Association of Independent Schools’ School and Student Services platform (SSS by NAIS).

Using SSS by NAIS as a guide, the Calvert School Financial Aid Committee performs a need analysis that estimates the amount a family can contribute toward education. Information gathered provides the committee with a starting point for determining how much financial assistance may be offered. It is important that applicants address all financial aid documents with total disclosure and candor.

Families receiving financial aid must reapply each year. Any significant changes in income may affect the amount of the award.

Financial Aid Application Process for the 2025-2026 School Year

Complete the application on the SSS Family Portal, which opens on October 15.
To be considered for financial aid, all applications for returning Calvert students and new applicants must be submitted by January 8, 2025. Please note that after the deadline all financial awards are awarded on the basis of available funds.

Applicants are required to submit the following documents:
  • payment of the application fee
  • copies of your most recent tax return, including all supporting schedules
  • copies of your final pay stubs and 2024 W-2 form for both you and your spouse when available
If there is any additional information or special circumstances the family would like to make known, please add a note to the Financial Aid Committee in the Other Information section of the application.

To assist you in completing your application, please have the following information available:
  1. prior year tax return
  2. other current financial information:
    • recent pay stub
    • mortgage statement
    • bank and investment statements if applicable
    • student loan statements
    • credit cards statements, etc

Decisions on awards to new applicants will be mailed with acceptance letters in February 2025.

More Information

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  • Components of Consideration

    • Total family income
    • Household expenses and other discretionary/non-discretionary  expenditures
    • Number of children in a tuition-charging school
    • Net worth and assets available to contribute toward tuition
  • What to Do

    To be considered for aid, all applications must be submitted by January 8, 2025. Please note that after the deadlines, all financial grants are awarded on an as available basis.
  • How to Apply

    Please complete the Parents' Financial Statement and submit the required documents at, which opens on October 15.
  • Divided & Blended Families

    Calvert School requires that both biological/adoptive parents as well as re-married couples contribute to the cost of education according to their ability.  If divorced or separated, each biological/adoptive parent who shares legal custody must complete a separate financial aid application.  If one or both biological parents have remarried, the stepparent’s financial information must be included on the application.

    The family’s ability to contribute is based upon both parents’ income and assets. Please contact Tom Travers at or 410-243-6054 ext. 153 with any questions.
  • Late Applications

    Limited funds sometimes remain available after the initial awards have been offered.  Families whose application for admission have been initiated after the above deadlines are encouraged to proceed with the required forms although resources cannot be guaranteed and amounts at this time are likely to be reduced.
  • Incomplete Applications

    Incomplete applications will not be considered until all of the above criteria have been met and all pertinent information has been compiled.

Contact Us:

Tom Travers, CPA
Director of Finance and Operations
Calvert School
410-243-6054 x153

Tuition Assistance:

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