Language Arts

Private School Language Arts Program in Baltimore 

At Calvert School, our Kindergarten through Eighth Graders master the development of essential skills such as reading comprehension and writing composition. We teach our students to step into the imaginative world of books, express their creativity through writing, and set themselves up for a lifetime of success.

What Is Calvert School's Approach to Language Arts?

Calvert Schools language arts programs aim to cultivate curiosity and develop critical thinking skills. We want our students to strive for achievement in all their academic pursuits and become lifelong learners. Our daily instructions include age-appropriate discovery topics with Lower and Middle School curriculums. 

Lower School Curriculum Information

In our private Lower School language arts program, we teach students to tackle complex texts, make observations, and grapple with interesting ideas. Our teachers provide lessons, activities, and assessments to ensure students gain key skills in oral language, reading, handwriting, composition, spelling, and grammar. 

Explore by Age

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  • Fifth Age

    Our Fifth Age program aims to develop a deep appreciation and love for reading and writing. Children explore a wide range of fiction and non-fiction. We provide opportunities to make predictions, make connections with other books they've read, and answer questions. 
  • Sixth Age

    Our Sixth Age program transitions students from a language arts curriculum to reading and writing curricula. The lessons accommodate each child's individual needs to foster skill development and growth. We use our reading materials to teach comprehension, letter-sound relationships, phonetic awareness, high frequency, visual and auditory discrimination, and sight word mastery.
  • Seventh Age

    Our Seventh Age program places children into developmental groups for reading instruction. Our curriculum aims to develop a well-rounded reader who applies word recognition, phonics, and comprehension skills. Children begin their formal instruction of the Calvert Script and Composition to write sentences and paragraphs in a logical order with successful spelling.
  • Eighth Age

    Our Eighth Age program develops critical thinking skills with a focus on recognizing the main ideas and supporting details in story structure. Children expand their vocabulary using reading strategies and context clues. Children begin using the Calvert Script with correct grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and spelling. 
  • Ninth Age

    Our Ninth Age program groups children into developmental classes and emphasizes reading fluency, comprehension, and critical thinking skills. Children read select novels, participate in creative activities, complete research projects, and give presentations. Teachers guide children through various writing styles with an application of spelling concepts. 
  • Tenth Age

    Our Tenth Age program encourages reading in school and at home. Our curriculum covers several novels, including "Wild Robot," "American Tall Tales," and “Shiloh.” Children learn to write descriptive, creative, expository, and persuasive compositions as well as book reports and business letters. Teachers reinforce a deeper understanding of grammar and spelling concepts.

Middle School Curriculum Information

In our private Middle School language arts program, teachers build upon the lessons taught in Lower School classes. Teachers focus on novel-based reading and essay-based writing. Review our Middle School curriculum page for more information.  

Learn More About Private School Reading and Language Arts in Baltimore 

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