At Calvert School, the youngest students begin their education with a focus on the fundamentals in the learning environment. Children are taught the basics of reading, writing, and mathematics to develop a mastery of these subjects through their course of study within Calvert's private academic program.
As early as Fifth Age, children are learning reading and math skills, as well as being introduced to a foreign language. Beginning in the Seventh Age, students learn the formal Calvert Script and how to develop and write compositions. Also at this time, students begin to keep folder papers, a collection of work that is corrected and perfected over the school year so that students learn from their mistakes and master those skills that will prepare them for future academic excellence.

By Tenth Age, students have mastered these fundamentals and are ready to enter the Calvert School Middle School academic program with a sense of purpose and pride in their work.

Recent Academic Achievements in the Baltimore Area:

Calvert School is a coed independent lower and middle school.