About Us

Mission and Philosophy


Calvert School is dedicated to educating boys and girls through its time-tested method of teaching and its rigorous curriculum. Particular emphasis is given to mastering essential skills, inspiring a lifelong love of learning, and instilling enthusiasm, responsibility and self-discipline. Calvert seeks to develop students of high academic achievement, intellectual curiosity, and strong moral character within a supportive and diverse community.


The Calvert education begins with a solid grounding in reading, writing, and arithmetic. The reading program uses materials of superior literary quality and stresses comprehension and analysis. Students learn to write with style and discipline under close supervision. The principles of English grammar reinforce proper written and oral expression. Basic mathematical skills are mastered so they become useful tools in solving quantitative problems.

Science, geography, and history add significant content to the Calvert curriculum, engaging our students in world communities and diverse cultures. Our teaching of history and geography give children a sense of their place in time and space.

Music, French, Latin, Spanish, Art, Art History, and Drama broaden the artistic and cultural horizons of our students, encouraging creativity and self-expression. Our strong, varied physical education and athletic program provides for physical development and fosters good sportsmanship.

At Calvert, an emphasis is placed on creative thinking and problem-solving. Integral to the Calvert program is instruction in methods of organizing work, studying for tests, and preparing and presenting research papers. Teachers help children understand and learn from their mistakes. By requiring students to correct their work, teachers encourage accountability, pride in work, and a sense of accomplishment. The tasks that each Calvert student accomplishes engender a greater sense of self-confidence and poise.

Character development and principles of good citizenship are stressed at all ages. Children are encouraged to learn to respect others and are helped to understand how their behavior affects others.

These fundamentals have guided generations of Calvert students and helped them to flourish in secondary school and beyond.


Calvert is committed to developing a diverse and inclusive environment that advances our students' social, moral, and academic development and prepares them to accept and collaborate successfully with people of all backgrounds and beliefs. We promote the examination and appreciation of our uniqueness as sources of strength and means of growth.
Calvert School is a coed independent lower and middle school.