Study Skills For Middle School

Study skills and organization have never been more important to a student's learning.

Elevate: A Study Skills Survival Guide

The cognitive development that occurs during middle school makes cultivating study skills for academic success critically important. What may appear as a disorganized locker, trouble studying for tests, or difficulty managing time could be an indication that your middle schooler would thrive after learning the study skills and organization methods to manage their busy lives and academic demands, whether on campus or in a remote setting.

But Elevate can help. Elevate is a study skills program for middle school students designed to build strong organizational and study habits.

Helping Your Student Succeed:

Elevate: A Study Skills Survival Guide is a series of study skills classes that teach middle school students how to form productive study habits, manage stress, and organize information to succeed at school. Conducted in 10-week sessions throughout the year, the Elevate study skills program will teach middle school students in Maryland about the brain science behind their learning and development. They will learn how to study properly and how to make studying fun, as well as witness what they can achieve through the goals that they set for themselves. Students will also learn vital study skills for middle school and beyond and practice the habits and strategies necessary to support their development.
We will tackle time management, study skills, and reading comprehension head on in a supportive and encouraging environment so that students feel confident and prepared for their academic tasks ahead. Each class will include the opportunity for students to receive study help from one of our instructors and apply the skill of the week to their own school work or other practice material. Parents will receive weekly overviews detailing the study skills and strategies that will be coming home.

Inside the Elevate Study Skills Classes:

Each week we will focus on a different study skill that will help your student be successful in the classroom and in a remote learning environment. Students will have time to learn and practice each of these study skills and will have assignments to work on outside of Elevate program sessions.

Sessions will be held Saturdays from 9:00 A.M. to 11:00 A.M. in Calvert's Middle School building.*

*If necessary, Elevate sessions will be moved online using a combination of group and individualized virtual meetings over the 2-hour time frame each week.

Session I

January 9 to
March 13

Session II
March 27 to
June 12
$1,250 per session

Each session includes:
10 sessions
1 planner

3 binders
5 folders
10 dividers

List of 3 items.

  • Goal Setting

    Middle school students who hold a growth mindset are more likely to see an increase in math scores throughout middle school and are more likely to succeed on standardized tests in high school. During goal setting, middle school students will understand the brain science behind a growth vs. fixed mindset and create goals that help them develop their personal mindset and develop their academic, organizational, and study skills.
  • Study Strategies

    Most middle schoolers do not know how to study...but there is a science to it! In this session students will learn to break down academic content and skills into three categories and the best ways to master each!
  • Organization

    Middle school students are not born with executive functioning skills – the abilities to manage time, information, materials, and attention – but they do have the potential to develop these skills. Throughout the study skills program, students will develop a better understanding of these organizational skills and cultivate systems to support them as they develop.

List of 3 items.

  • Note Taking

    While most middle schools expect students to have mastered note-taking, this skill is rarely taught in a systematic and explicit way. During this session, students will learn why note-taking is important and will practice this critical skill!
  • Reading Comprehension

    In this increasingly digital world, the amount of time students spend reading is rapidly declining. Throughout the Elevate study skills program, students will understand the important role that reading plays in their academic development. Students will learn new study skills and techniques to strengthen their comprehension and enjoyment of texts.
  • Test Prep

    Test anxiety is on the rise, and middle school students rarely have strategies to deal with it. Through this session, we will help students ensure their daily preparation and study skills are well-developed. Then students will dive into test-taking strategies and discuss techniques for alleviating "bad" stress while capitalizing on "good" stress.
Each class will be followed by an email home outlining:
  • What was taught and what to look for.
  • How parents can help.
  • Online or print resources.
  • Preview of next week.

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