The Institute for Leadership & Purpose

Speaker Series

Building off the success of our thoughtful session on empathy last January, Calvert is expanding parent education offerings as part of the Institute for Leadership & Purpose. Throughout the year, parents will have an opportunity to hear from authors, experts, and Calvert School leaders. The mission of our parent education series is to build bridges between our community and reinforce the idea that we are raising our children together. They need all our love and support to become Whole People with a Whole Heart.
Laura Tierney, Founder and Director of The Social Institute
The Social Institute was created to empower students, parents, and leaders to navigate social media and technology through a positive, gamified, and student-led approach. The curriculum is designed to reinforce character and leadership strengths like empathy, integrity, and teamwork, and to teach students and their role models to champion high character on all social platforms. 

Calvert School is a coed independent lower and middle school.