Calvert Grads Go on to Top Colleges

A recent article in the Baltimore Business Journal cited 52 Maryland high schools that had a graduate matriculating at either Harvard, MIT, or Princeton. Of those, 18 high schools had multiple alumni at one of these three universities. This inspired Calvert to investigate its own alumni statistics. A staggering 71 Calvert graduates are currently enrolled at the most selective colleges and universities as defined by Niche.
While impressive, Calvert’s true focus is on the K-8 experience and ensuring a strong academic program, a myriad of extra-curricular activities and an emphasis on character development and leadership opportunities for its Lower and Middle School students. Each of its Eighth Graders will graduate with the tools to attend a number of high school options–from local independent schools to boarding, public magnet, and arts-focused. The preparation for this begins in the Fifth Age. By the end of their ten-year Calvert journey, boys and girls will have a clear understanding of who they are as learners and how they can self-advocate. These skills will not only enable them to transition to high school but ultimately to choose and be admitted to a selective college or university. 
Among the most notable academic skills Calvert instills in its students is the mechanics of writing. Isabelle, Calvert Class of 2013 and a junior at Yale, credits her Eighth and Ninth Age composition classes for teaching her how to formulate strong transition sentences, how to draft and brainstorm, and how to turn a literature review of scholarly sources into a polished bibliography. She marveled that these very skills were the focus of an entire upper level English seminar at Yale. 

She notes, “We were going over topics that were so natural to me,” adding, “Calvert has a funny way of always sneaking its way back into my memory.”

Lilly, Calvert Class of 2015, credits the strong foundation she received at Calvert for her successful transition to Princeton where she is currently a freshman. “I can confidently say that Calvert was a driving force in preparing me for the college process. The work ethic, persistence, and genuine love of learning that Calvert instilled in me are put to use every day at Princeton.”  She adds that something as simple as the morning handshake has made it that much easier to meet new professors, student leaders, and alumni.

William, Calvert Class of 2013 and a junior at MIT, adds that the preparation he had for the high school admissions process made the college admissions process so much easier.

He explains, “It helped me learn how to interact with adults in a professional setting because of interview training, interactions with teachers, and also running tours for parents.”

Hailey, Calvert Class of 2013 and a junior at Johns Hopkins, believes the process of looking at high schools taught her to ask herself, “Is this a place where I can achieve and be my best self?” 

Tommy, Calvert Class of 2016and a rising freshman at Harvard also emphasizes, “Calvert allowed me to explore what I am interested in and try new things by encouraging me to step outside of my comfort zone.”

At Calvert, Tommy was not only a three-sport athlete for the Mighty Bees but also the lead in the Middle School rendition of “Oklahoma.” Because of these experiences, he notes, “When it came time to picking a college, having a good understanding of what I wanted was an essential aspect of the admissions process.”

This exercise of seeking out the best fit has been critical for Calvert graduates as they move into high school and beyond. Defining their goals, honing their interests, and putting themselves forward takes practice and courage. 

It is no wonder that Calvert graduates land at selective schools. They have been prepared for this transition since age five, tested the process at age 14, and found their footing at age 18. This experience has been a springboard for their future success.

Both Isabelle and Hailey balance the academic rigors of college with starting positions on the Yale and Hopkins Women’s Varsity Lacrosse teams. Isabelle was recently selected for a highly competitive summer internship at Bank of America in Manhattan. William was unanimously selected as his fraternity president and serves as the president of the Minority Business Association at MIT. Lilly was recently chosen as the Assistant Director of Marketing for the 2020’s International Conference of Business Today, a student-run organization on Princeton’s campus founded in 1968 by Steve Forbes.

Isabelle, Hailey, Tommy, William, and Lilly graduated from four different high schools and each attend one of the most selective colleges in the United States. But they all went to Calvert first.

Below is a list of the most selective colleges in the U.S. in which one or more Calvert alumni from the Classes of 2012-2015 are currently enrolled.
Harvard (2)
Yale (7)
Princeton (3)
University of Chicago (2)
Brown (2)
University of Pennsylvania (2)
Northwestern (2)
Vanderbilt (3)
Duke (3)
Dartmouth (4)
Johns Hopkins (4)
Cornell (3)
Washington University of St. Louis
Harvey Mudd College
Amherst College (2)
Williams College (2)
Tufts University (2)

Bowdoin College
Georgetown University
University of Notre Dame (2)
United States Naval Academy
Middlebury College
University of Southern California
Haverford College
Colorado College (3)
Davidson College
Washington and Lee University (6)
Tulane University (4)
Calvert School is a coed independent lower and middle school.