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Counseling and Wellness

At Calvert, we understand that the world around us can be stressful and even frightening at times for our students. To ensure the mental wellbeing of each of our students, Calvert has created a guide for parents to reference when necessary.
What plans are in place to minimize student anxiety?
  1. Clear, specific, visible, safety protocols established and enforced.
  2. Faculty and staff will model informed calm to students.
  3. Faculty are prepared to notice and listen to student distress, share accurate information, and refer students to school counselors if warranted.
  4. Character classes in the lower school and advisories in the Middle School teach and promote age-appropriate coping skills. These include problem-solving, distress tolerance, conflict resolution, and realistic thinking.
  5. Opportunities to visit the school nurse, Katie Macsherry, Lower School Counselor, Cecelia Parker, and Middle School Counselor, Terri Merwin. They provide one to one conversations, parent communication, and referrals for outside support if needed.
  6. Parents have access to Calvert’s plans for safety and resources to reassure students at home. Parents are also welcome to contact the school counselors with concerns and to request in-school interventions.

Who to reach out to for additional questions and resources:

Lower School Counselor:

Cecelia Parker

Middle School Counselor:
Terri Merwin or 410-243-6054x110

School Nurse:
Katie Macsherry

Calvert School is a coed independent lower and middle school.