Sebastian Dvorak ’05 Remembered at Student Leadership Day

On Friday, July 20, students from Calvert School and Hamilton Elementary and Middle School (HEMS) participated in a Student Leadership Day in memory of Sebastian Dvorak '05. The day started at Calvert with Mike Cianos '05 and Class of 2005 parent, Elizabeth Comer, speaking to the students about Sebastian and his kindness, thoughtfulness, and passion for outdoor learning-based opportunities. The group then headed off to Outward Bound for a day of team building.
The students began in a welcome circle where they learned about what they would be doing throughout the day, built excitement around the day ahead, and learned the three simple rules: 1) have fun, 2) be safe, and 3) play fair. After the welcome circle, students broke out into smaller groups where they participated in other team building activities, as well as low and high obstacles and ropes courses. Throughout the day, students could be seen smiling and laughing, working together to help group members overcome obstacles, and encouraging one another along the way. For those who were not comfortable with the high ropes courses, they could be seen cheering on their group members from the ground. It was a day for the students from Hamilton EMS and Calvert to work as a team to overcome challenges together.
The Student Leadership Day was made possible with charitable gifts from the Class of 2005 and from Sebastian’s many friends and family members. Thank you to Mike Cianos '05 for attending and talking to the students, Andrew Green '05 for taking photos and capturing video throughout the day, Emma Simpson ’05 for spearheading the fundraising effort with Mike Cianos, Jake Comer ’05, and Elizabeth Comer
Calvert School is a coed independent lower and middle school.