Faculty Kicks Off School Year with Morning Workshop on Service Learning

On Wednesday, August 29 the Calvert School faculty dedicated a morning of their back-to-school meetings for a workshop on Service Learning & Community Outreach. This day marked a renewed commitment to prioritizing education and reflection into the service process for our students.
The day began with a presentation from five Middle School students to the faculty. Seventh Graders Oliver and Ava, as well as Eighth Graders Madison, Kiara, and Ian shared their personal stories about serving others. Their work inside and outside school reflects the leadership they have shown at such a young age: building clubs, creating service projects, writing grants, and learning about other cultures. The keynote speaker for the day was Baltimore Corps Founder and CEO, Mr. Fagan Harris. Mr. Harris, a recognized civic leader in our city, led a passionate discussion about leadership and service setting the stage for young leaders who have the possibility to inspire and ignite change - regardless of age.

The morning concluded with small group discussions amongst faculty dedicated to improving service learning across all grades of the school—from Fifth Age to Eighth Grade. Beginning this fall, within each grade at Calvert, students will participate in at least two extended service projects that will bring multiple grades together to make a bigger impact our communities.
Calvert School is a coed independent lower and middle school.