Sixth Age and Fifth Grade Learn the Importance of Water

Kelly Whitman
On Tuesday, October 2nd, our first Morning of Service, Sixth Agers and Fifth Graders gathered into Lower School rooms to learn more about the importance of water in our lives, the lives of others, and in our ecosystem.
Once settled in their locations, groups read two different stories, The Water Princess by Susan Verde and The Water Hole by Graeme Base. The first story was about a young girl, Princess Gie Gie, and the long, tiring trip she had to take each day to get water for her family.

The Water Princess
has beautiful illustrations that depict the journey young African girls have to take everyday to make sure they have enough water to survive. After reading this story, each Sixth Ager partnered with a Fifth Grader to create a man or a woman carrying water. They used brightly colored construction paper and crayons to make the clothing for each person.

The importance of water was reiterated in the second story, The Water Hole, by helping us become aware of the need for fresh water for all living things. These groups cut and colored animals from around the world to add to the mural. The Sixth Agers and Fifth Graders brainstormed and discussed different ways they could help those like Princess Gie Gie and all living things get the water that they need.

Sixth Agers and Fifth Graders will continue their partnership by participating in a Skype session with The Water Project and Walk for Water in November, giving them a chance to contribute to a solution and help others that need clean water.
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