International Week 2019

The Calvert School campus came together this past week for another successful International Week. This year, we celebrated Peru, South Africa, Italy, Taiwan, and Martinique complete with food, music, games, research, and discussion.
Students greeted each other in a different language each day and participated in programming specific to each country including special presentations from parents, students, and guests from each of the five countries of the year. This year, Calvert's Kitchen and Multicultural Festival was incorporated into the celebration of International Week. Parents, students, staff, and faculty joined together in the Middle School Atrium to enjoy family recipes from all over the world. It was our largest Calvert's Kitchen to date!

Special thanks to the World Languages Department for coordinating this year’s activities and to all faculty and students for taking part in this wonderful community event. Also, a big thank you Timika Tyson, Sandry Sachar, and the CSPA for organizing Calvert's Kitchen.
Calvert School is a coed independent lower and middle school.