Calvert School’s West Coast Tour: Reaching Alumni from Eight Different Decades in Five Cities in Six Days

Carly Slagel
Engaging with non-local alumni is a top priority for Calvert School. As our growing alumni community calls cities around all over the world “home,” we recognize the importance of regional events to strengthen our connections beyond Baltimore. From April 13 to April 18, Calvert’s development office launched a West Coast alumni tour which included meetings and events with nearly 30 alumni in San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle.
Of Calvert’s 3,250+ graduates around the world, more than 190 are on the West Coast and 60 are in the Bay Area. This is a vibrant West Coast community of alumni, and we want to be sure they are networking, mentoring, and making connections with their Calvert colleagues.
On Saturday, April 13, Betty & Carter Crewe ’57, Courtenay Compton McGowen ’58, and Linda Morton ’66 joined Carly Slagel, Director of Alumni Relations, for dinner at A.R. Valentien, located at The Lodge at Torrey Pines. The group spent time talking about Calvert in the 1950s and 1960s, as well as Calvert today. The alumni in attendance, who had not been in contact prior to this dinner, had quite a bit in common; they are all involved in San Diego art community. The group exchanged information and plan to stay connected.
“Many thanks for a delightful dinner in San Diego. Carly is wonderful – a great listener and representative of the school. Keep up the good work!” Linda Morton ’66
Charlie Finnerty ’14, a first-year student at Occidental College, Ru Belt ’96, and Paul Wallace ’97 met Carly for brunch on Sunday, April 14, at Ivanhoe Restaurant & Bar. Carly shared an update on the School, specifically on the Institute for Leadership & Purpose and Calvert Connect. Charlie talked about his experience attending Calvert’s Middle School with Ru and Paul, who graduated from Calvert in Twelfth Age.
Later that evening, Carly enjoyed dinner with Joan Folger Fey ’41 in Manhattan Beach. Joan had such great stories about her Calvert experience, her family, and life growing up in Baltimore. Joan travels each year with her family, highlighted on her annual Christmas card, which she kindly sends to Calvert each year.
On Monday, April 15, Charlie Brooks ’98 hosted Dana Brewster ’92, Gordon Gee ’92, and Whitney Bedford at his beautiful home in Venice.
Carly met Sarah Caldwell, Calvert’s Director of Leadership Gifts, in San Francisco on Tuesday, April 16. Sarah, who was in San Francisco for several days, met with Charlie Bolton ’78, Lizzie Callard ’82, Francie Gorman ’61, and Andrew Schapiro ’95. On Tuesday evening, Ahsha Merson ’99 hosted the San Francisco Regional Reception at her lovely home. Sarah and Carly welcomed the group, provided an update on the School, and encouraged them to visit Calvert during their next visit Baltimore. Thank you to Charlie Bolton ’78, Francie Gorman ’61, Dylan Haggart, Dan McGill ’89, Ahsha Merson ’99, Tom Miller ’98, Andrew Schapiro ’95, and Debbie & Jim Scriba ’71 for attending the San Francisco Regional Reception.  
On Wednesday, Sarah spent part of the day with Francie Gorman ’61, a tour guide in San Francisco. Sarah received an extensive tour of the Bay Area and had the opportunity to get to know Francie better during their time together. Francie is a fantastic advocate for the School and remains in touch with her Calvert classmate, Lucy Michaels ’61.
“It was so inspiring to learn from you both (Sarah and Carly) about the present and future programs promoting excellence in academic and personal life skills. I’m sure a majority, if not all, of your alumni are jealous of your current students. I certainly am! I am forever in debt to Calvert from instilling in me the broadest type of education, and the ability to use it to be successful in life.” – Francie Gorman ’61
On Wednesday, April 17, Carly journeyed to Portland for dinner with Gordy Allen ’60, Robin Calhoun ’01, David Dunning ’59, and Anne Hart Smith ’63. David and Anne brought memorabilia from their time at Calvert in the 1950s and 1960s, including folder paper covers, a speller/vocabulary book, and a phonics strip. The alumni in Portland were happy to discover that there is a local Calvert community, and they plan to stay in touch.
The following evening, on April 18, Carly had dinner at Salty’s on Alki Beach with Ellen Meny ’07, Brandon Berkeley Middaugh ’96, and Molly Golden Piper ’82. The alumnae in attendance were thrilled to discover this small group in the area and offered to build the Calvert network in Seattle.
Calvert School is a coed independent lower and middle school.