Former Faculty and Staff Return to Campus

Head Master Andrew Holmgren hosted Calvert School’s Retired Faculty and Staff Luncheon on May 8, 2019, in the Middle School Board Room. Twenty-two attendees were present to meet and mingle with members of the School’s administration. As they arrived, these long-time friends and former colleagues warmly greeted one another with smiles, hugs, and handshakes. This biannual luncheon provides an opportunity for Calvert and its retired faculty and staff to stay connected, and it allows the School to celebrate the legacy of a very distinguished group of individuals who helped shape today’s Calvert. Mr. Holmgren addressed the group to share information and updates on the School, and he invited questions from the guests.
This year, former Head Master Merrill Hall made the trip to Baltimore from New Orleans, and he shared his activities since his days at Calvert with the group and visited a classroom to talk about folder papers. Several from the lunch walked the halls of the Lower School, saying hello to familiar faces. Cary Barton, our retired music teacher, took the opportunity to see her granddaughter, Stacey Ditlevson ‘05, teach her Tenth Age class. Isabel Craig ’55 wished her great niece, Westley Davis ‘23, a happy birthday.
The lunch guests included:
Cary Barton
Robin Carson
Jim Coady
Isabel Craig '55
Ann Dahl
Deborah Frey
Anne Gee
Merrill Hall
Judith Hughes
Mary Ellen Nessler
Robin Buck Nicolls '55
Gail Pietrowski
Victoria Piper
Diane Proctor
Judith Rice
Judy Schuck
Jane Sewell
Ada Stankard
Maxine Thompson
Susan Weiss
Jeaneen Wingate
Michele L'Archeveque Woods '59
Calvert School is a coed independent lower and middle school.