Reflecting on a Successful, Productive Year with our BGE Green Grant

Jay Parker
This past year, Calvert School has expanded its partnerships within and outside our school walls in order to promote teamwork and leadership. Central to these efforts have been the establishment of two unique collaborations; a Sixth Grade and Ninth Age mentoring program grounded in sustainability, and a Seventh & Eighth Grade initiative with the Baltimore arm of Harlem Lacrosse, based at James McHenry School in Southwest Baltimore. These groups have been meeting monthly throughout the year to create a deeper connection between partners.
Last year we were awarded our second Baltimore Gast & Electric (BGE) Green Grant. The goal was to establish a Students for Sustainability Club in the Middle School, create a Lower School sustainability focus, and partner with public schools in Baltimore. We are excited to reflect on the year’s success, which has included stream clean-ups, storm drain stenciling, new recycling bins, a Morning of Sustainability, and an expanded Earth Week.

Our work on behalf of the BGE Green Grant came to fruition on Friday, May 10th when Harlem Lacrosse students from James McHenry School visited Calvert for a day of leadership programming with Ms. Kait Gentry and Mr. Jay Parker. The day included ice breakers, team building, and design-thinking challenges to build student confidence. We also embarked on a stream clean-up in Stony Run, a tradition we hope to continue next year in the neighborhoods around Calvert and around James McHenry.

“Today was a wonderful culmination of our year-long partnership. From a college visit to joint practices to ice skating, students have built friendships and learned lessons from one another. Working together to give back to our community and watching the students grow as leaders was a wonderful way to celebrate our ongoing partnership!” - Ms. Kait Gentry, Calvert School

“The partnership with Calvert is a prime example of teamwork, at all levels, student-athletes from both schools and between the coaches. Together we’ve been able to create valuable and enriching experiences this year. Most importantly, we have created opportunities to foster friendship that will sustain as well. ” - Mr. Cormac White, Harlem Lacrosse Boys Director

May 10th also was a Black & Gold Spirit Day, notably entitled the Bar-Bee-Que. This year, to promote the impressive success of Harlem Lacrosse here in Baltimore, proceeds from our Calvert/Harlem Lacrosse t-shirts were donated to Harlem Lacrosse. The Harlem Lacrosse tagline is “Aim High”, and that is just what we are doing together: aiming high for academic and athletic success while instilling foundational leadership schools.
Thank you to BGE for supporting these efforts!
Calvert School is a coed independent lower and middle school.