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Liam Emmart ’11 is a Test Engineer at IronNet Cybersecurity in Northern Virginia. IronNet, a network security firm, aims to deliver the power of collective cybersecurity to defend companies, sectors, and nations. During college, Liam interned twice with IronNet and has had the opportunity to see the five-year-old company grow over the years. As a new professional, Liam is excited to connect with fellow alumni on Calvert Connect.
Liam started this role last month after graduating from Colgate University in May and spending time this summer in Europe. Liam spent three weeks in Paris, followed by an eight-night, ten-day backpacking trip in Norway with a college friend.
Liam shared, "While the sights were incredibly stunning, the natural purity of the sites we crossed were even more so. We hardly saw anyone the first three days on the trails and camped alongside beautifully clear streams each night. It was unbelievable." On their journey, they walked on glaciers, through marsh and beautiful greenery, and covered a large portion of rocky terrain. Something that Liam loved was the ability to camp anywhere along the trail and the Norwegian summer's long daylight hours allowing much flexibility for daily planning. Due to the long winter, the trails in Norway opened the day before they began their trek with the temperature in the 40’s or 50’s.
"This past summer has been incredible, from graduation to traveling to starting at a fantastic company whose mission is clearly reflected throughout the organization. I am excited to be back in the area and am really looking forward to getting more involved with alumni and school affairs!" 
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