Lauren Trexler Follows her Passion in Montana

Lauren Trexler '18 has spent the past three summers in Montana riding horses, this being her second summer in Red Lodge, MT working for Elk River Outfitters. Her love of horses began as a young child when Lauren began riding at seven-years-old. At the age of thirteen, her dad said she could go on a horse focused vacation. Through some research, she and her family found Elk River Outfitters. 
Her first year with Elk River Outfitters, she was a participant in their Pryor Mountain excursion where they rode 35 miles into the mountains. They did eight hours of riding per day and camped for eight days. The owners of Elk River Outfitters were impressed with Lauren's riding ability and asked her to come back and work the following summer. Lauren was excited at the opportunity and continues to be excited each summer.
Lauren's day starts at 9:00 A.M. when she tacks up and feeds the horses. Rides begin at 10:00 A.M. and there are typically 10-15 people on each ride. The rides start along the scenic Rock Creek and gradually rise to a vista. Lauren typically rides with three groups on any given day.
Lauren would love to one day take part in a Glacier National Park ride. She has two horses that she calls her own out in Red Lodge, MT - Six and Little John. She takes great care and pride in these two horses.
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