Summer Campus Improvements

While students and faculty were enjoying their summer breaks, our campus received a few upgrades. The Lower School lobby has been restored to honor its original design. Our Fifth and Sixth Agers will enjoy a new space-themed playground, and our Middle School students now have access to a dedicated writing space to hone their writing skills.
The interior of our Lower School lobby received a full restoration to complete the work that was done last summer to the entrance’s exterior. Visitors to the lobby will be greeted by freshly stained woodwork, custom desk spaces for our front office staff, and flooring that has been brought back to its original 1923 luster. The signature plaques that adorn the lobby walls now have new protective covers that will preserve the etchings for generations to come. Lastly, the grand chandelier received an antiqued gold leaf dome to match the original lobby design. The lobby gained a vibrant mosaic which mirrors the one in the Middle School, thanks to alumnus Eyre Baldwin '74.

Moving beyond the lobby, our Fifth and Sixth Agers will be able to enjoy a brand new playground. While playing, our youngest students are only limited by their imagination as they explore the galaxy! Our very own Mighty Bee joins them in their space journey.

Middle School students and visitors will be welcomed with all new landscaping around the lower circle. The students will also now have access to a dedicated writing space in the library, named the Writer’s Room. This space will allow students to have a place to come for individualized help with their writing in any subject area, in any genre, and at any level.
Calvert School is a coed independent lower and middle school.