Stacey Ditlevson '05

Calvert School Lower School Teacher
Sometimes a journey can trace its way back to the beginning. Stacey Ditlevson has found her way back to Calvert and now shares the foundation of her own education with her Tenth Age students. She is a role model for them, embodying the characteristics that exemplify a Calvert graduate and those to which her students strive- academic success, extracurricular involvement, civic engagement and strong character. In her journey, she excelled as a student-athlete at Notre Dame University and captained her ice hockey team. From there, she traveled to Haiti where she taught Haitian children before returning to Baltimore to teach at the Lillie Mae Carroll Charter School for Girls. At Calvert, she developed the confidence to pursue her passions and to share them with others in meaningful ways. Today, alongside some of the very teachers who imparted these lessons to her, Stacey passes on what she learned at Calvert to a new generation of students.
Calvert School is a coed independent lower and middle school.