Another Successful Bees for BARCS

Johanna P. '23
Our amazing community came together once again to support BARCS. We had our largest crowd since 2016 and raised over $6,000 for a nobel cause. Fifth Grader Johanna P. has recapped this amazing day.
It was a crisp, beautiful fall day. The sun shone through the clouds as the runners and walkers moved up to the starting line. Mr. Parker challenged the Calvert community to see if they could beat him in the race.

Canines barked and leaped, growled and sniffed. Dog and human Halloween costumes flashed by in the tangle of people. A taco. A squirrel. A unicorn. A lobster and two chefs. There were many different breeds, colors, and sizes of dogs!
Then, the person at the starting line blew a horn. The Bees for BARCS race had officially begun! The runners at the front took off. The runners at the back slowly moved their way up, and they, too, took off determined to catch up to the rest. Then, they lined up the walkers, blew the horn, and the walkers took a different path from the runners. Sra. Menefee and her dog, Eddie, took part in their third year of Bees for BARCS.

“Mr. Parker has a good chance of winning, but I think that Ms. Gibson and Ms. Wienecke will do very well this year,” Sra. Menefee said.

The runners sprinted by the walkers, leaving them cheering (but still in the dust.) Ms. D’Andrea and her dog Cooper, a two-and-a-half-month-old shepherd mix, padded along together. Ms. D’Andrea also came with her Lower School club, the Mighty Girls, to help support this noble cause. Thirteen club members showed up in full force to support BARCS — so cool! Many dogs stopped to sniff each other or leave a scent mark along the path. Dog owners carried the little dogs that were too tired to move on, while the bigger dogs seemed to drag their owners along the path. A Fifth Grade student, William C. participated in his first year at Bees for BARCS. “I love charities, animals, and running,” he said. Even William’s little brother, Henry — a Seventh Ager — came to support the animals. He walked the mile and had a great time! At the end of the race, we found out that although Mr. Parker did not win, he was quite proud of himself. He ran the race in twenty-eight minutes! That's a (pretty) good time. 
“I’m just glad so many people came today. This is our biggest group since year one. Almost 150 Mighty Bees out here!” said Mr. Parker. “Ms. Gibson deserves a shout-out. She ran the race in only twenty-five minutes!”
Congratulations to Cate R. ‘22, Howdy C. ’24, Ms. Gibson, and Ms. Wienecke who all won their age group! Senora Menefee’s foresight was incredibly accurate! Plus, we blasted through our fundraising goal, with over $6,000 going to the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter. Great job, Mighty Bees! 
We can’t wait until next year, it will be another BOO!-ming success before Halloween!
Calvert School is a coed independent lower and middle school.