Calvert's Partnership with The Social Institute

Joe Ali
Social media has become an ever-present factor in adolescents’ lives. The social stigma of always being “on” and being present through social media has become a topic of conversation amongst teachers, parents, and children. Fortunately, Calvert has seen the need for proper education and spreading awareness about how to navigate the tricky world of social media.
In partnership with The Social Institute, Calvert students will learn valuable skills to feel comfortable and in control of their own lives through social media. Through interactive group games, students are given scenarios in which meaningful discussions can help students navigate the tricky world of social media.

On October 11th, Laura Tierney, the Founder of The Social Institute, came to Calvert to lead a kick-off assembly with the help of our Eighth Grade Student Life Captains. Before the assembly, Student Life Captains had a video conference with Laura as she expressed the need and importance of student leaders to help guide and pump up our students for this new partnership with The Social Institute. When Laura arrived at Calvert, the Student Life Captains met with her about everyday scenarios that students often find themselves in with social media. This conversation with Laura allowed the Eighth Graders to speak candidly about the ups and downs of life with social media.

During this assembly, Student Life Captains got up in front of their peers and spoke about their own experiences with the social media scenarios that were presented. Terri Merwin, Middle School Counselor, remarked that the students’ answers were “genuine, thoughtful, and reflected their unique personalities.”

As we continue our partnership with The Social Institute, students will be called upon to lead games, conversations, and educational experiences in order to ensure that students feel empowered and comfortable with the presence of social media in their everyday lives.
Calvert School is a coed independent lower and middle school.