Kindness Week

November 13th was World Kindness Day and the Calvert community celebrated all week. This year, the Lower School community learned about the week’s celebrations during the October 25th assembly. They were visited by Captain Kindness (Mr. Chin) and Captain Courageous (Ms. Wlodarczyk).
With the help of their team of superheroes (four lower school students and four middle school students) they shared the activities planned for the World Kindness Week with students and faculty. They also unveiled the “Sea Of Kindness” which is a mural of the sea created in the Lower School. This "sea" would be filled with fish that each have a note about acts of kindness witnessed during the preceding weeks. Students, faculty, and staff were encouraged to complete colored fish templates whenever they saw someone being kind, and it wasn't long before the sea was filled. 
The Middle School community learned about the week’s celebrations during the November 5th assembly. They were visited by Captain Kindness (Mr. Chin) an Captain Courageous (Sra. Sachar). This was followed by a Hive’s Challenge on November 7th where students watched a video, engaged in a discussion about kindness, signed and completed a pledge,  and collaborated to create a unique kindness fish to add to the Middle School “Sea of Kindness” in the Atrium.
Each of the days of the Week of Kindness had a theme:
  • I am kind to myself.
  • I am Kind to my classmates.
  • I am kind to my Calvert community.
  • I am kind to my neighbors.
  • I am kind to the world.
The Kindness Team provided suggestions for developmentally appropriate books, videos, and activities that teachers could select from to do during home room, advisory, classes, or downtime.  Teachers were encouraged to complete one activity during the week with their students.
The message being shared was that even though we were celebrating kindness that week, our efforts to be kind to others and to reach out to those in need should not end on Friday afternoon. Practicing kindness should be ingrained in our identities and practiced daily. To that effect and to provide an additional opportunity to show kindness to others, students will also be participating in the Memory Project, an International Art Exchange program with students from around the world. This project will be completed in art class and it exchanges works of art with children from Syria. 
—Annie Lennox
Calvert School is a coed independent lower and middle school.