Around the World in Five Days – International Week 2020

The Calvert School campus united for its seventh consecutive year celebrating International Week.
Each day, the campus was introduced to another country with food, cultural displays, lessons, assemblies, and games representing the country of the day. This year, Calvert celebrated France, Japan, Mexico, India, and Nigeria.
To begin International Week, Calvert organized the Parade of Languages in the Middle School gymnasium where students said “hello” in a variety of different languages. These are students who have family members who speak a language other than English, or they study a language outside of school.
Following the opening assembly and Parade of Languages, Calvert’s campus provided a display of different country’s culture each day. Students were greeted in the day’s language, and flags adorned the campus with their vibrant colors. Each morning included special presentations from parents, students, and guests from each of the five countries being recognized.  
On Monday, we kicked off the week with France Day. Students enjoyed traditional foods at lunch including French onion soup, quiche, French fries, French country salad, and a classic cream-filled confection, chocolate eclairs. At the Lower School assembly, Calvert parent Melissa Biddison gave a wonderful presentation and overview of France. Middle School students attempted to build Eiffel Tower replicas out of spaghetti and marshmallows during Hives.
For Nigeria Day, Charles Nwadi presented in the Lower School. Students had the pleasure of hearing about his childhood in Nigeria. He addressed the meaning behind the flag, history of the country, and the traditional arts. Students also practiced saying “hello” in Nigerian!
Wednesday was India Day. In the Lower School, students enjoyed a presentation about the history, fun facts, and holidays from the Shah-Fricke and Saluja families. In the Middle School, students were able to sample a Mango Lassi, a popular Indian yogurt-based drink, during Hives.
On Japan Day, the Middle School had the unique opportunity of viewing a performance by Taikoza, a group of musicians that played traditional Japanese music including thunderous rhythms of the Taiko drums and the harmonic melodies of a bamboo flute. In the Lower School, students heard about Japan and its culture, from Tomoko Sano.
International Week culminated with Mexico Day. Students enjoyed, black bean soup, beef tacos, zucchini con queso, roasted corn salad, and dulce de leche. Lower School Spanish teacher, Sean Donmoyer, presented at the Lower School assembly.
Calvert's Kitchen was also incorporated into the celebration of International Week. Parents, students, staff, and faculty joined together for an evening in the Middle School Atrium to enjoy family recipes from around the world. A variety of foods included, rice tea with ginger and sugar, seaweed rice balls, spanakopita, flan, Haitian hot chocolate, and so many more delicious dishes. Parent, Jiho Kim said Calvert’s Kitchen is a way to “travel by means of your palate.” In addition, students enjoyed making friendship bracelets and watching the Pixar animated comedy Ratatouille.
Special thanks to the World Languages Department for coordinating this year’s activities and to all faculty, students, parents, presenters, and guests for taking part in this wonderful community event. Also, a big thank you Timika Baxter Tyson, Sandry Sachar, and our kitchen staff for organizing such a fun, delicious, and educational week!
Calvert School is a coed independent lower and middle school.