Black Heritage History Month Advisory Challenge

This was Calvert’s first year participating in an advisory challenge for Black History Heritage Month (BHHM).
The three-week mini program was developed for the month of February to celebrate BHHM. Each division had a parallel program that included one theme per week for students to collaborate on various activities. 

The first week’s
 theme focused on history and how Black History Month came into existence. Students participated in crossword puzzles, trivia, and scavenger hunts. The results were tallied based on completion and accuracy. 

The theme for the second week centered on prominent contributions by Blacks and African Americans. Students answered 30 “Who Am I Scavenger Hunt” questions which were scattered throughout the school. They also completed three WebQuests and filled out a crossword puzzle.
This spirit of discovery, collaboration, and solidarity culminated in the third and final week, during which Middle School students were asked to reflect intentionally upon current events and think critically about our broader, global community. In addition to this, the Middle School program ended with a presentation led by Zach M. '20 and Leon P. '20 two leaders in the Diversity & Outreach Club, who reminded students of the need to think purposefully about who we are, who we wish to become, and those who have come before us as well.  
There are several styles of learning, and at Calvert we are influenced by a combination of thinking (head), doing (hands), and feeling (heart). Greg Chin, Latin Fellow, stated, “During the past few weeks, we really tried to encompass a little bit of each, but especially incorporate our hearts and hands because it is all about collaboration.” Sandry Sachar, Middle School Spanish teacher and Global Outreach Director emphasized, “This was an opportunity for students to gain knowledge about the world, learn about different perspectives, and acquire the skills to positively interact with the world and to be global citizens.”

A special thank you to Middle School students who participated, Sandry Sachar, and Greg Chin. Black Heritage History Month Advisory Challenge was a huge success!
Calvert School is a coed independent lower and middle school.