Middle School Students Perform Disney’s High School Musical Jr.

During the last weekend in February, our talented Calvert students participated in the sixth annual Middle School musical.
The students hosted two performances of Disney’s High School Musical Jr. (HSM) for family and friends. In addition, cast performed for their peers during the school day. Over 55 students were involved with many roles being dual-cast so that as many students had an opportunity to perform as possible. Numerous students were also involved behind the scenes providing essential technical assistance with sets, costumes, props, and stage management. Allie K. ’22 demonstrated her ability to think and work as a designer for the production. In Allie’s words, “I liked that there were so many ways to do art for the show with clay, markers, and paint. That was really awesome!” Students captivated the Calvert community with memorable songs and sensational dance moves.
Disney’s HSM centers on the burgeoning relationship between Troy, a high school athlete, and Gabriella, the new, smart girl at East High School. They meet on a family vacation while singing in a karaoke competition on New Year’s Eve. Discovering that they are attending the same school, their relationship blossoms as they collectively decide to audition for the school's drama performance. Gabriella and Troy are selected for the lead roles despite facing adversity from their peers including Troy’s teammates and the school’s shoo-in for the lead, Sharpay.
A.J. F. ’22 who played Zeke Baylor, a member of the East High basketball team, stated, “It was pretty awesome; it was a lot of work but the vibe we had was great – everyone was really encouraging, and they made me feel good about having a talent.”
The musical explores the themes of friendships, love, and open mindedness. Alexis Tantau, HSM’s director stated, “Just like the characters, our students do not have to choose a sport or a musical. They can sample things that light them up and be dedicated to both groups.” The entire cast concluded with a very optimistic song about the power of unity: “We’re All in This Together”

More photos from the performances can be found on MyCalvert.
Calvert School is a coed independent lower and middle school.