Women's History Month

To continue our Global Citizen Project, Calvert students took part in a two-week mini program to celebrate Women’s History Month in March. Each division had a parallel program that included a different theme each week for students to collaboratively engage in a collection of activities.
In the Lower School, teachers and students engaged in activities that honored, celebrated, and highlighted the works of women authors, focusing on a different one each week. 
In the Middle School, faculty and students reflected upon, acknowledged, and celebrated the lives and achievements of women throughout the world. To facilitate this, Fifth through Eighth Graders engaged in a school-wide advisory scavenger hunt each week. During the first week, students explored the contributions of Women Innovators in the fields of Science, Math, and Engineering. For the second week, students studied and honored the literary works of prominent women authors from around the world. In addition to this, students had the option to participate in a research project that focused on the question of equal pay around the world. 

Through both the Middle and Lower School programs, students were able to learn about how people from around the world have, and continue to, positively impact our global community.

A special thank you to Lower and Middle School students who participated, and to the teachers that developed these programs! Stay tuned for next month’s programs!
Calvert School is a coed independent lower and middle school.