Calvert Fund 2020-2021 Kicks Off with Virtual Launch Party

Nearly 70 Calvert Fund volunteers celebrated the launch of this year’s annual giving campaign last night. This event, which shifted online due to COVID-19, is an opportunity to thank our dedicated donors and volunteers, as well as share goals for this year’s Calvert Fund.
This year, following a video greeting from Calvert Fund Chairs Brooke and Brian Margerum, Head Master Andrew Holmgren announced that the fund aims to raise $1,100,000 in the coming months.
“I can also say to you, clearly and resolutely, that I don’t want to meet this goal. I want to exceed it. I want to crush it. I want to knock it out of the park,” Mr. Holmgren said.
These vital funds, provided by generous Calvert donors, will support ongoing efforts toward COVID-19 safety, student well-being, and preparing to move to remote learning if necessary.
Since the spring, we have taken extensive measures to ensure student health and safety, improve Calvert’s technological landscape, and provide an on-campus experience that engages our young students. Gifts to the Calvert Fund will give us flexibility in continuing this work, as well as support the advanced academics and enrichment opportunities for which Calvert is known.
More than that, raising $1,100,000 will teach our boys and girls that they can accomplish incredible things in the face of adversity.
“It’s about showing our children that when their backs are up against it, when the odds are stacked against them, and when the world is telling them that they cannot do something, they have to get to work,” Mr. Holmgren said. “They have to sacrifice. They have to fight for what they believe in, and I know we all believe in the education and well-being of our boys and girls more than anything else.”
Because the kick-off was virtual, Calvert Fund Director Lauren Murphy felt it was vital that volunteers were still able to celebrate, despite tuning in from home. In that spirit, she and the rest of Calvert’s development team created and hand-delivered party bags before the event.
The bags were filled with small gifts and party supplies, including festive snacks, adult beverages, Calvert gear, and special Calvert Fund hand sanitizer.
“Since we were sadly unable to host our annual Calvert Fund launch party at 2 Oak this year, we wanted to go the extra mile to make our volunteers feel valued. We hope these special deliveries brought smiles to our volunteers’ faces,” she said.
Like the party bags, this year’s campaign theme, Pass the Pride, focuses on the warm and welcoming community that surrounds our school, encouraging donors to share what makes them proud at Calvert. Early submissions from parents commented on our inspiring faculty and staff, our child-focused approach, and our resilient community.
“Together, we can do this. We can get the job done,” Mr. Holmgren said in his video. “Thank you. Thank you for all of your support, your time, and your efforts on behalf of The School. Thank you for the faith and the trust you have placed in all of us, and thank you most of all for sharing your children and your grandchildren with us. It is an honor and a responsibility that we do not take lightly.”
“Let’s get this done for our children,” he added. “Let’s get this done for Calvert.”
Calvert School is a coed independent lower and middle school.