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Calvert’s “Share the Love” Raises $33,000+ in 48 Hours

One hundred and twenty-five Calvert parents, alumni, friends, and community members “shared the love” this week and easily surpassed the participation goal for this year’s spring fundraising push. This generous group of donors raised more than $33,000 for the Calvert Fund and unlocked an inspiring $7,500 matching gift from Kelly & Associates – all within 48 hours!
Held Tuesday and Wednesday, the “Share the Love” drive encouraged Calvert community members to give in honor of the people and programs they love, and to share their reasons for supporting the School.
These heartfelt comments highlight Calvert’s incredible teachers, administrators, and maintenance team members – the people who make campus such a special place – as well as the School’s commitment to student well-being.
One Calvert grandparent recognized their grandchild’s teacher, Ms. Profaci, and gave in honor of “the excellent education that [her] granddaughter is receiving.”
An Eighth Age family “shared the love” in honor of their student’s favorite teacher, Mrs. Briggs, while another noted that the Calvert team has helped boost their son’s confidence.
Parents of one Seventh Grader supported the drive in honor of their students’ Middle School teachers, writing, “Our family is grateful for a robust year of in-person learning.”
Thanks to loyal support of the Calvert Fund, the School had the means and flexibility to invest in the air-filtration systems, sanitizing stations, and other health measures that ensured a smooth return to campus in September 2020.
Over the past year, these vital funds have enabled the School to expand its diversity, equity, and inclusion professional development programming and provide emergency financial aid to families affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Donor support also allowed Calvert to upgrade its technological profile and create new athletic opportunities, like the Calvert Sports League, that have improved the students’ experience during an unexpected year.

A Fifth Age family gave in honor of their child’s teachers and “seeing how our student is thriving and growing in spite of the many changes that have happened this school year."

“Thank you to all the members of the Calvert school family that have been working to make the school a welcoming, safe place,” they continued.
Tenth Age teacher Peggy Szczerbicki gave a shout-out to her homeroom and “shared the love” for all of the students and community members who have made this school year a success.
“I give for the students who embraced this challenging year with an unstoppable love of learning and the Calvert community that made it all possible,” she said.
In addition to the online drive, retailers at nearby Green Spring Station donated a portion of all April 21 sales made in reference to Calvert School. Tark’s Grill also offered a discount for Calvert families.

Thank you to our friends at Kelly & Associates and Green Spring Station, and everyone who “shared the love” this week! To support Calvert students and teachers any time, please consider making a gift to the Calvert Fund.

Click here to view the "Share the Love" celebratory video!
Calvert School is a coed independent lower and middle school.