A “Colorful” Buddy Day

Friday was a very special afternoon as students celebrated the Second Annual Fall Buddy Day. With a theme of “It’s a Colorful World,” students got to know their buddies with a few rounds of Buddy Bingo and designed and colored a Happy Doll. Happy Doll is an organization that helps provide unique, hand-colored dolls to children in challenging circumstances. It fosters a partnership between children across the globe, and to date, has sent over 4,500 dolls to children in various nations.
Nozomi Terao, Founder and Executive Director of Happy Dolls, visited campus on Buddy Day and shared stories about the dolls. Showing examples from around the world, she shared a little bit about the child who created the doll, many of whom are in challenging circumstances and created their dolls to make another child smile.
Lower School students designed their doll during art classes, and their Middle School Buddy helped them to bring the blank, fabric doll to life. Students named their doll and included a message on the back. The dolls will travel to children in Mexico and in homeless shelters in New York City. Fifth and Sixth Agers will soon exchange Happy Dolls with a school in Turkey.
Fitting the theme, Paddy the Parrot visited classrooms and shared many great jokes. “What do you call a parrot that flew away? A polygon!” Children also enjoyed a colorful rice crispy treat to celebrate the creation of our colorful dolls.
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