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New Intramural Squash Program

Students at Calvert are active. Between physical education, recess, and the many athletic and intramural options, Middle Schoolers are at play for as much as 2.5 hours a day. The newest option for our Fifth Graders is an Intramural Squash program. In its first season, this intramural offering is providing Fifth Graders the opportunity to learn and advance in the sport.
Surpassing the anticipated interest in the program, thirty-five Fifth Graders play after school three days a week at Meadow Mill, our home courts for the winter athletics season. Many of our students are new to squash, so two of the club’s pros work with them to learn the basics and practice drills. For those who are ready to play games, a ladder has been developed, and classmates can engage in friendly competition, working their way up and down the ladder.
Coach Lears is happy to see so many Fifth Graders participating. She says, “Squash is a great sport for Calvert students because it is very analytical. Players have to think ahead of their opponent and anticipate shots.” David Cromwell ’08 is a prime example. He played squash for Calvert and is now a professional squash player. Spotted on the courts, our students had a chance to meet him during a recent practice.
The Fifth Grade Intramural Squash program is a great way to learn and develop an interest in the sport, which can continue in Sixth through Eighth Grades as a part of the Squash Team.
Calvert School is a coed independent lower and middle school.