Because we at Calvert believe music appreciation is central to the growth and development of young children, we ensure that music is a key part of the weekly Lower School routine.

Beginning in Fifth Age, students have formal music instruction at least once a week. These classes include both instrumental and vocal music. In Seventh through Tenth Ages, students learn how to play the recorder. They are also expected to participate in performances to experience emotional bonding with their peers as well as expressions of individual creativity.

Children sing, learn different rhythmic movements and listen to music to learn how to read and identify notes. In the older grades, children learn about composers, musical epochs and elements, like tempo and meter. All children are encouraged to participate in at least one musical performance each year.

At our Middle School, every student studies more nuanced elements of music: melody, harmony, rhythm, tone color, form, musical texture and dynamics. Music instruction is a hands-on experience as students learn how to play the recorder, guitar, keyboard and a variety of other instruments.

With this basic training, students are encouraged to express themselves musically as solo artists and among others as part of a variety of musical combos as singers, instrumentalists, writers and recorders.