The Visual Arts program in the Lower School is an integral part of student life. As you walk our halls, it's common to see student art work displayed everywhere you look. Art is fully integrated into the daily curriculum of our Fifth Age students. In Sixth Age through Tenth Age, students have formal art instruction at least once per week. They begin by experiencing art through a variety of different mediums, including clay, paint, and oil pastels. They advance to more fundamental elements and principles of art by the end of Tenth Age.

A unique offering of our Lower School curriculum is Art History for Ninth and Tenth Age students. During this class, students learn about myriad contributions and influences of art in our culture. Content for this course is integrated into our history curriculum, which spans from prehistoric art and the ancient worlds of Greece, Egypt, Rome, and the Middle Ages in Ninth Age to Pre-Columbian art of Meso America through Native American, colonial art, Civil War art, and art of the 20th Century. For students with a special interest in the visual arts, we also offer an optional after-school Art Club.

The Middle School Visual Arts Program is a faculty-directed curriculum that complements our rigorous academic program by seeking to elicit the artist within every child. We encourage creative thinking and problem solving, as well as a lifelong appreciation for art history and aesthetics.

Students are introduced to a wide variety of media, techniques, and creative opportunities in order to build artistic skills and confidence in an engaging and challenging studio atmosphere. There is an emphasis on observational drawing skills at all levels as well as the study of the elements of art, principles of design, artists, and the art of other cultures.

The Visual Art Program encompasses everything from drawing, painting, and printmaking to ceramics and sculpture, and is further enhanced by the digital arts electives offered in the Seventh and Eighth Grades. Student artwork is displayed throughout the year on campus, and is also exhibited at the AIMS Fall Conference, Maryland State House Underground Show, in the local Traveling Art Show every spring, and at various locations in the community.