The Institute for Leadership & Purpose

Institute for Leadership & Purpose Mission

The Institute for Leadership & Purpose at Calvert School recognizes each community member is capable of leadership. We believe a culture of leadership fosters an environment of self-discovery, compassion, and ethical decision-making that inspires a sense of purpose. By emphasizing the quality of leadership and de-emphasizing the individual leader, we maintain that leadership can be learned through purposeful modeling by all members of a community. The Institute seeks to develop confident, responsible, globally aware, and independent thinkers, who are empowered to share their voice.

Vision & Goals:

The vision of the Institute for Leadership & Purpose at Calvert School is to create synergy within existing school programs, build upon a learning community of dedicated students, faculty, and staff, and to establish a mission-driven initiative that reinforces a positive and growth-oriented school culture.  The Institute will enhance student programming and professional growth, and increase outreach with parents, alumni, community partners, and national organizations. The ultimate goal of the Institute is to become a pioneer in leadership and purpose programming for elementary and middle school students.

Leadership Team:

Director of the Institute for Leadership & Purpose
Jay Parker, Director of Student Life

Institute for Leadership & Purpose Team
Sarah Crowley, Director of Academic Affairs
Carly Slagel, Director of Alumni Relations
Terri Merwin, MS Counselor
Beth Nichols, LS Counselor
Sandry Sachar, Global Outreach Director
Timika Baxter Tyson, Dir. of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
Justine Forrester, Eighth Age Teacher
Anne McGraw Eighth Age Teacher 
Angel Menefee, Sixth Grade Dean
Joe Ali, MS French Teacher 
Sean Donmoyer, LS Spanish Teacher

Recent Leadership News:

Jay Parker, Director of the Institute for Leadership & Purpose

We have reached a culture of leadership when students inspire other students, a trend that is powerfully emerging at Calvert.
Calvert School is an independent lower and middle school with a curriculum that is designed to challenge capable boys and girls.