Calvert Students Hear from Community Leaders

As part of the Calvert Leadership Program, our Seventh and Eighth Graders have had the pleasure of hearing from inspiring community leaders this January.
On Friday, January 20th, Seventh Grade students welcomed Mr. Terrell Williams of BUILD, Baltimore United In Leadership Development. Mr. Williams is a lead community organizer at BUILD and spearheads many programs including Build One Baltimore which seeks to increase job opportunities throughout the city’s distressed neighborhoods. Mr. Williams discussed the importance of a strong foundation of values and how that guides effective leaders.

The next speaker, Mr. John McClean Jr., spoke on Monday, January 23rd, also to Seventh Grade students. Mr. McClean is the Chief Financial Officer at Harbor Bank and speaks regularly at area schools to educate students on financial literacy and volunteers as a mentor through the Johns Hopkins Stocks in the Future Program. Mr. McLean shared with students how important it is to develop career goals, as they can be a powerful element of leadership development.

On Thursday, January 26th, the Eighth Grade girls welcomed Mrs. Kelsey Schroeder of Roland Park Country School, who is a faculty member at the Gardner Carney Leadership Institute and a doctoral student at the University of Pennsylvania. Mrs. Schroeder is a noted speaker on developing leadership in young women. She led an interactive workshop with the girls which focused on self-awareness, and how discovering their strengths as a leader can guide their experience in high school.

The final speaker of the month was Mr. Femi Ayanbadejo. Mr. Ayanbadejo spoke to Eighth Grade boys on January 26th. Mr. Ayanbadejo is a former professional athlete, MBA graduate from the Carey School of Business, and the Vice President of Business Strategy at the Healthy Homes Initiative. He is a Calvert parent and an accomplished motivational speaker. His speech encouraged the boys to seek out experiences first-hand, and approach challenges with confidence and mental strength.

Upcoming leadership speakers include Ms. Sarah McCann, Executive Director of Baltimore Clayworks (February 13th); Ms. Katie Allston, Executive Director of Marian House (February 16th); and Baltimore City Councilman Mr. Leon Pinkett III (February 17th). We look forward to welcoming these speakers next month.
Calvert School is an independent lower and middle school with a curriculum that is designed to challenge capable boys and girls.