Athletics Program

Physical activity and athletic competitions play a big role in the lives of our students as they build character, teamwork, and good sportsmanship.

Our Lower School students meet for structured Physical Education classes several times a week. Once the children reach Ninth Age, they join special teams called the Crows, Canaries, Hoppers, or Crickets. These are single-gender groups that compete with each other throughout the year in soccer, field hockey, and lacrosse matches. It is a wonderful way to foster a sense of belonging and school spirit as the students prepare to compete on interscholastic teams when they enter Sixth Grade.

Our Middle School has an extensive athletic program, including over twenty sports teams spread over three seasons. More than 90% of our students participate in team sports, which include football, flag football, field hockey, soccer, basketball, squash, lacrosse, baseball, and cross country. Our intramural program provides opportunities for our Fifth Graders, who can meet after school to play a variety of sports and games with the goal of instilling a strong interest in healthy living.

The athletic philosophy of Calvert School is consistent with the mission of the School and supports the overall program goal of helping each student to develop socially and athletically, while building strong moral character. Through team sports, Calvert seeks to inspire a life-long interest in healthy living and an enthusiasm for working together to accomplish an objective as well as self-discipline and responsibility.