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  • Dr. Keith Flaherty '83

    Director of Clinical Research, Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center & Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School
    At Calvert, the process of learning is as important as the product. Drafts, edits, and corrections are all part of the process of creating monthly folder papers. Reading, researching, correcting and hypothesizing encapsulate each grade’s capstone project. As a Calvert student, Keith Flaherty first looked into a microscope and discovered new organisms. He asked questions, researched the answers and presented them to his class. He laid the foundation for his career as a cancer researcher. Today, he is the Director of the Henri and Belinda Thermeer Center for Targeted Therapies at Mass General. Yesterday, he was a Calvert student discovering, for the first time, the power of research.
  • Alastair Cho '15

    Princeton University Squash Player
    Alastair Cho’s journey to become a collegiate athlete at Princeton University began when he was a Middle Schooler at Calvert School. In Sixth Grade, he was handed a squash racquet and given the opportunity to play with the Mighty Bee Squash team, working his way up the ladder to compete in his first national tournament. The discipline he devoted to this pursuit mirrored the dedication he gave to his studies. In high school, he became a nationally-recognized squash player and earned a 2019 National Merit Scholarship. Calvert students are encouraged to follow their interests, discover their passions, and embrace the hard work along the way. While Alastair’s journey is still unfolding, it began at Calvert.
  • Léla Greene ’20

    Baltimore Symphony Youth Orchestra Violinist
    Whether they are passionate about art, music, science, or English, our boys and girls are taught to explore their interests and share their skills with our community. For acclaimed violinist Léla Greene, that meant leading Calvert’s String Ensemble. As concertmistress of the 2018 Arts Concert, Léla used her musical talent and leadership skills to guide the ensemble toward a successful performance – something she understands very deeply. Since starting at Peabody Preparatory at just four years old, Léla has participated in a number of prestigious programs, chamber groups, and competitions, including the Baltimore Symphony Youth String and its Concert Orchestra. As her journey continues, Léla will surely lead many more concerts, but she did it at Calvert first.
  • Joshua Perry '96, JD, CFA, CAIA, FRM

    Partner, Fixed Income Associate Portfolio Manager
    From their first days at Calvert School, students learn leadership through modeling. As a K-8 school, our oldest Middle School students buddy with and mentor our youngest boys and girls. This partnership sows the seeds for future leadership, at Calvert and beyond. Joshua Perry, a Fixed Income Associate Portfolio Manager at Brown Advisory, was one such leader. His career path started at Calvert, where he was challenged and inspired in the classroom and tasked with mentoring younger students. Leadership starts at the beginning. Joshua Perry can trace his beginnings to Calvert School.
  • Julie Bowen '81

    At a very young age, actress Julie Bowen stood on the Calvert School stage reciting lines for her class play. She had studied the script, memorized the lines, and learned how to project to her audience. Calvert students continue to immerse themselves in their annual class play, a ritual that teaches them not only about the stage but also about the value of public speaking and the joy of collaborating on a creative project. Julie Bowen did not know then that she would grow up to become a famous film and television actress, winner of two Emmy Awards. Or maybe she did. For Julie Bowen, it started at Calvert School.
  • Andrew Schapiro '95

    Creative Director
    It has been more than 25 years since Andrew Schapiro graduated from Calvert School, and in that time, he has gone on to build brands, teams, and products across a variety of industries. A member of Calvert’s Board of Trustees, Andrew most recently led creative at Calm as the mindfulness company's first Executive Creative Director. Before that, he spent seven years at Airbnb, where he led an award-winning rebranding, grew a formidable creative team, and helped launch the company’s print magazine.
    He credits his days at Calvert with directly influencing his career. “Being a designer and creative director requires more than creativity. It requires the ability to clearly communicate your ideas and advocate for the ideas of others…” he said. “I see a clear connection between the way I handle a creative pitch and the way I presented in Twelfth Age.”

Featured Alumni

Calvert School alumni hold prominent positions in the Baltimore area and around the globe. The alumni featured below are just a sample of graduates who are putting their talents to work in various industries. They can all trace their first learning experiences to their classrooms on Tuscany Road. Learn more about these distinguished alumni and how Calvert has helped lay the foundation for their success.

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"The first teaching is the most important of all."
     - Virgil Hillyer, Calvert's First Head Master.

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