Tips For Applying To Private School

At Calvert School, we recognize that applying to private school may feel overwhelming for many prospective families. That is why Calvert School is simplifying the process, outlining five key tips for finding a school where your child feels known, nurtured, and challenged.

1. Do Your Homework

As you begin your private school search, it is important to identify your priorities. Knowing exactly what you want your child to gain from his or her education will set clear parameters and help simplify your search. Then, it is time to do some research.
As you investigate different schools, you should focus on finding each institution’s unique offerings, including:

  • Academic philosophy and mission
  • Grade levels and student age range
  • Coed versus single-gender classrooms
  • Tuition and fees
  • Student testing requirements
  • Co-curricular programs
Following your top schools on social media can give you further insight on campus activities and community support.
While many schools boast strong academic and athletic programs, few also have the warm, welcoming community you will find at Calvert School. Under our coed K-8 model, Calvert students are guided by teachers and administrators who specialize in age-based education, ensuring that every child feels known and understood – and the lessons continue long after the school bell rings. Whether they participate in athletics, drama, or community outreach, students feel confident knowing that they are supported by a tight-knit community of friends and parents cheering them on.
Once you find a school with priorities that complement your own, submit an inquiry to further the admissions process and stay up to date on upcoming events.

2. Take a Tour or Attend an Event

The best way to understand a private school environment – and visualize your child’s future there – is to experience it for yourself. That is why it is vital to attend at least one tour and open house for each of the schools you are considering. These and other events allow you to ask questions, meet with school leadership, and see the school environment firsthand, and they provide much-needed context for the research you have done on your own.
At Calvert School, we believe in forging a partnership with each of our families, and that begins with the admissions process. We provide a number of diverse opportunities for parents and prospective students to connect with our community.
Whether they are virtual or in-person, campus tours and events like Discover Calvert give you the chance to explore our beautiful campus, engaging academics, and rich cocurriculars while hearing from Calvert administrators. Submit an inquiry today or email Taylor Berish at to schedule admission testing or a private in-person tour during school hours.

3. Mark Your Calendar

Once you have taken a tour and identified your top schools, it is time to apply and move forward with the admissions process. To do this, you will need stay aware of important dates and details, specifically:

  • Application deadlines
  • Financial aid deadlines
  • Scheduling an admissions evaluation
  • Required school records and forms
At Calvert School, we have compiled all of this information in grade-specific checklists that simplify the application process.
Individual admissions evaluations are scheduled most mornings from October through early January, and student applications are due to the admissions office by December 16, 2022. If you will be applying for financial aid, those forms are due no later than January 2, 2023. For more details, review your child’s age-specific checklist.

4. Connect with Current Parents

Just like taking a tour or attending an open house, speaking with the parent of a currently enrolled student can provide another valuable perspective for your independent school search. In addition to offering advice on the application process, current parents are a great resource for:

  • School-related anecdotes (like last year’s amazing Middle School musical)
  • Questions on day-to-day logistics (like pick-up and drop-off)
  • Connecting with a school’s community
  • Personal reviews of a school’s priorities
By reaching out to a current or former parent, you will receive a reliable firsthand account of what makes a school special – and Calvert parents make it easy to connect.
If you are not sure where to begin, the admissions team is always available to put you in contact with a current Calvert parent.

5. Relax (And Follow Your Gut!)

The choices involved in sending your child to an independent school may seem overwhelming, but this process does not have to be difficult. If you stay calm, get organized, and follow these essential tips, you will find the best fit for your child – but if you find yourself struggling, ask for help!
The Calvert School admissions team is happy to help you navigate this important decision and find your child’s perfect fit. Click here to submit an inquiry and begin your child’s Calvert journey.

Calvert School is a coed independent lower and middle school.