Fifth Grade Raises $15,000 for The Water Project, Awareness of Global Water Crisis

Calvert Fifth Graders raised an astounding $14,995 in support of The Water Project this month, helping to provide clean drinking water for communities in sub-Saharan Africa and bringing awareness to the global water crisis and its effects on poverty and continued disenfranchisement.
Over the past four years, the Classes of ’22, ’23, ’24, and ’25 have raised and contributed more than $55,000 toward community access to clean water in rural sub-Saharan Africa, where women and young girls often spend hours collecting and hauling dirty water for their homes. In addition to spreading illness and disease, this method of collecting unsanitized water limits food production and prohibits girls from receiving an education.

However, resources gained through The Water Project and Calvert’s annual Fifth Grade Walk for Water can make a significant difference toward improving these communities and breaking the cycle of poverty that restricts those who live there.

“Water is a daily and crippling challenge. Without water you can't grow food, you can't build housing, you can't stay healthy, you can't stay in school and you can't keep working,” The Water Project website states. “Today, hope is on hold in over half of the developing world's primary schools without access to water and sanitation. But the water crisis can be solved.”
In years past, Calvert’s contributions to The Water Project have assisted in the production of wells, protected springs, and rainwater catchments that have given 2,000 individuals reliable access to clean drinking water. In addition, six schools in Calvert’s partner communities have reported reduced absenteeism related to this access.

This year, the Fifth Graders traveled to nearby Johns Hopkins University on December 3 to participate in the annual Walk for Water, reviving the in-person tradition that was paused due to COVID-19 restrictions last year. Sponsored by family and friends who donated to the cause, the boys and girls circled Homewood Field before returning to campus.

A week later, they launched the next phase of their fundraising efforts, hosting an optional pay-to-dress-down day and a donut sale during their snack period. For just $1, students across the Middle School could dress down for the day, and for $2 they could purchase a delicious donut as a treat. By the end of the sale, the Fifth Graders had raised $707 in support of clean water resources and The Water Project.

Well done to Fifth Grade Dean Erin Bennett, her team, and our fantastic Fifth Graders!

To learn more about The Water Project and its essential services in sub-Saharan Africa, visit the organization’s website.
Calvert School is a coed independent lower and middle school.